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It is the simultaneous buying and selling of the same asset on different markets. For example, bitcoin may be trading at R500 000 overseas, and at R520 000 in SA. You can grab that R20 000 profit by buying bitcoin on the cheaper market in the UK and shipping it to SA (which takes about 45 to 60 minutes) and selling it at the higher price. That R20 000 profit works out to be a 4% profit on the full bitcoin price of R500 000. You don’t need R500 000 to participate in crypto arbitrage, though the minimum recommended capital is R100 000. Less than that, your profit gets reduced by the costs involved. The whole idea of arbitrage is to remove as much risk as possible. If you buy and hold bitcoin, that is risky. You are betting on the bitcoin price continuing to appreciate in price, when history tells us that the bitcoin price is extremely volatile – as we have seen in the last two months, given the nearly 50% drop in price over that time period. This is what we call market risk. In a traditional arbitrage situation, you would also have forex risk: you have to purchase forex and ship to our overseas crypto wallet – that can take a few hours, during which time the exchange rate can move against you and eat into your expected profit. Then you would purchase bitcoin overseas and ship it back to SA, during which time the bitcoin price can move against you.